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How To Plan A Group Tour To The UK

Those planning a group tour to the United Kingdom will need to utilize both logistics and preplanning to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible Whether you’re planning a holiday, wedding, family reunion or similar event, following the tips below and using cheap coach hire will ensure that the occasion is memorable.

Figure Out Who Can Travel And When

The first step in planning a group trip is to figure out who will be going. Everyone has different schedules and responsibilities, and what works for one may not work for another. The best solution is to settle on a date where the largest number of people will be available.

Designate A Group Leader

Regardless of the number of people who will be traveling together, it is absolutely essential to designate a group or team leader. This is the person who will be responsible for the planning and coordination, and while other members can be incorporated into the decision making process, only one person should lead and make the final decisions regarding the group. The leader must develop an itinerary, list of activities, where the group will lodge, mode of transportation and what to do in the event of an emergency. The group leader should be mature, wise, and fair and preferably have a greater knowledge of the UK than everyone else.

Establish A Budget

Embarking on a group tour in the UK can become pricey if a budget isn’t established beforehand. Furthermore, each member of your group will differ when it comes to the total amount they can spend. Generally speaking, when establishing a budget you will want to remain at the lower end as much as you can unless you are a group of millionaires whose combined resources are vast. One possible option is for everyone in the group to pool together their money only for costs which are fixed. This means gathering a specific amount which is equally divided, which will be used to cover things such as transportation and lodging. Other expenses like food, activities or shopping can be left to each individual to pay for as they like.

Research The Area

If neither the group leader nor members have travelled to the UK previously, then it will be necessary to conduct research. You will need to look at the lodging options, where the group will stay, what activities you’ll engage in, and how much all of will cost. The London metropolitan area will typically be most costly than areas outside, but will also offer the greatest convenience.

Book The Trip

Once you’ve decided on the dates, budget, the accommodations, who will be traveling and who will lead the group, you will now want to book the trip. At this point it is absolutely essential that the booking is made well in advance, so that you can account for schedule changes while giving members enough time to get their passports and affairs in order.

Determine Your Group’s Activity Level

Each group has its own activity level, and generally speaking, the younger the members are, the higher their activity level will be, while a group consisting of older members will usually have a lower activity level. Some members will want to engage in activities that give them an adrenaline rush, such as rollercoaster rides, while other members will want to engage in activities far more relaxing such as an art gallery exhibit. If your group is mixed, ranging from children to seniors, it is best to mix things up, planning some activities which are suitable for children while reserving others for the older members. Child based activities can be held in the mornings and afternoons, while evening entertainment can be reserved for the adults once the kids have become tired and been put to bed.

Ensure Your Itinerary Is Well Organized

Your itinerary will be one of the most valuable items in your possession during the trip. Ensure that it is organized by adding the names and phone numbers of every member of the group, along with number for local services, and dates and times for arrivals, daily activities, and any dining reservations you’ve made.

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