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Top UK Cities Other Than London To Visit

London, the vibrant capital city of England, has earned itself a reputation of being a tourist hotspot, with other cities trailing it. Well, there are many valid reasons for London to be a top pick for travellers, but at the same time, you are also missing out on some of the fantastic cities in UK that have their own unique appeal. Here are some of the cities you can explore with UK coach hire for cross-region travel:


With the narrow cobblestone streets of the Old Town leading past the old-fashioned pubs and shops, along with a castle tucked neatly on the hill, this capital city of Scotland has a rich medieval history behind it. The captivating thoroughfare of the Royal Mile bustles with exuberance, as the city comes to life with its wide range of festivals, cultural events, historical attractions, food fiesta and plenty of activities to be undertaken.  Don’t miss out on the Fringe Festival in August, where comedians, theatre companies and troupes come in numbers to give a full bash of culture.


During the ancient Roman Era, the city of Bath was a renowned destination for natural hot springs. Protected by the Georgian and Medieval architecture throughout the ages, the Roman baths are still in best of the shapes. With a long, rich history and heritage of this place, this city is often known for its walking tours, nightclubs, museums, theatres and restaurants.


Known to be a paradise for history geeks and ancient architecture, the medieval walled city of York is one of the most popular visiting destinations in England. Some of the best historical structures are here, including the likes of iconic York Minister Cathedral, which is an exceptional masterpiece of Gothic architecture. You will keep gazing at the elevating ceilings till your neck get tired.

Stratford Upon Avon

Popularly known for being the hometown of Billy the Bard, this lovely city in Warwickshire is a must visit for Shakespeare lovers. People from different corners of the country visit this place to watch the engaging performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company. Most of the buildings retain the same structure as the one during the days when Shakespeare wandered across the streets. Falstaff Experience, is the key attraction here, being the largest museum in the city, which has renovated into Tudor World dedicated entirely for recreation of modern era.


Not only just known for Football, Liverpool City is also famous for being the home of Beatles, and you are sure to find some great fanatics here. There is much more to this city than you can imagine, boasting a strong cultural heritage and rich history. No doubt this city was once honoured as the European Capital of Culture. It has the oldest Chinatown in Europe and the largest national museum collection outside London.


Regarded as one of the best shopping destinations in England, the capital city of Wales, Cardiff is emerging to be one of the top tourist destinations in UK. It has the highest amount of greenery per person, with the heart of the city lying right at the heels of elegant Bute Park. Once you are done exploring five historic castles, go ahead for some unique shopping experience.


The second largest city in the United Kingdom, Birmingham has revamped into a premier and cultural shopping precinct in the West Midlands. During the Victorian Era, this city was at the heart of industrial revolution, which began in that period. One of the key attractions here is the Bull Ring Markets, which is basically a market complex encompassing a trading centre on which Birmingham was built.  From clothing to jewellery and food to attire, you will find everything that you possibly want.


Being the capital of the West Country, Bristol is a friendly city with a laid back atmosphere, vibrant lifestyle and a wide range of attractions. Several festivals are held here throughout the summer months, and the city is famous for its rich maritime history and happening nightlife. The live music concerts draw many visitors to Bristol, so make sure you are not the one missing out!

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