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Day Trip Ideas For Families With Young Kids In Europe

Europe is a continent filled with majestic options. Its mesmerising views and spectacular sights will truly captivate your hearts once you get there. Aside from making sure adults will enjoy the rest of the holiday when there, you can be sure there are day trips when you bring your kids along. Learn about these ideas that you can include in your itinerary. Use coach hire in Europe to keep your kids relaxed the entire time.


A visit to Amsterdam will give you plenty of fun ideas that you as adults will enjoy. Remember those coffee shops serving the best-tasting coffee and dessert combos? How about the pubs and bars that flash with lights at night time? While these may be the obvious reasons you keep going back to Amsterdam, remember that your kids will also be able to enjoy the European holiday in this place. You can tour them around the city riding a bike or by taking a boat ride. Your next stop should be the Van Gogh Museum which features the spectacular works of this Post-impressionist painter. Of course, your kids will also learn more about the story behind World War II once they visit the Anne Frank House.


Copenhagen has its different take of the magical adventures your kids will experience with the Disney princesses and characters that they are used to. In this place, your kids will be able to enjoy the magical Round Tower as something new to add in their box of memories. You can also take them to Copenhagen’s Tivoli, an amusement park that dates back to Hans Christian Andersen days. This memorable place offers a combination of great dining venues, funfair booths, flower gardens, and an amazing lake. Rides that will give you an adrenaline rush are sure to fill your day when in Tivoli.


Apart from giving you a spectacular view of the Buckingham Palace where Changing the Guard takes place every day, there is a lot of other things that your kids will look forward to when in London. The neighbourhoods are filled with playgrounds where you can enjoy half a day basking and gaming around under the sun. Parks are also great venues to play around while breathing in some fresh air. Your kids will surely appreciate the children’s museum found all over the place.


This place proves to be one of the family-friendly places in the whole of Europe. In fact, you will be fascinated by the fact that Icelandic babies are just left sleeping in their prams outside the various shops around town without their parents needing to worry much. The outdoor adventures are plenty for this place. Add to that, you can even take your kids to the thermal hot springs, do some whale watching and take hiking to the next level. Do not miss on the spectacle of the Northern Lights when in Reykjavik.


What better way to celebrate a time with your kids when in Europe than visiting Rome? Apart from architectures that remind us of its ancient history, Rome is also known to offer a lot of mouth-watering cuisine that will delight the discriminating taste buds of your little ones. Treating them to a gelato or Roman pizza after visiting the Colosseum or the Vatican will definitely make them happy. Why not take them to Naples, a side-trip to which will give you a taste of the most delectable pies in Europe.


Instead of visiting the more serious Vienna, Austria, why not pay a visit to Salzburg instead? This is the home to the famed setting of the film The Sound of Music. You can also head to Residenzplatz where you can enjoy a horse ride with your kids or simply be inspired to sing Do Re Mi while you are having a tour of the Old Town. There is also this water game-filled estate, called the Hellbrunn Palace which your kids will love.


If you ever want to take a trip to Sweden, Stockholm is the best place to keep your children fascinated during the holiday. It is the home to the World of Pippi Longstocking amusement park. It will also take you to a peaceful yet memorable stroll of the royal palace while you enjoy the taste of cinnamon and cardamom in special buns. Island hopping will surely charm your kids too.

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