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Cheap Things To Do In UK Cities

Some of the top cities in the United Kingdom are also known to be the most expensive ones in the world. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot have a budget trip to these locations, as there is plenty to explore frugally. Make sure to choose affordable coach hire for your travel group so that you can save even more on your UK holiday.


One of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Edinburgh is draped across a series of hills, with spectacular landscapes, monuments and, building, along with plenty of cheap activities and attractions on offer.

  • Galleries: One can enjoy the masterpieces of many artists at the National Portrait Gallery on Queen Street, Gallery of Modern Art in North West and National Galleries of Scotland, most of which has free admission.
  • Museums: The National museum of Scotland has over 36 galleries, while the stunning Victorian Grand Gallery has interactive exhibits to entertain one and all. Wander down the royal Mile and visit the Museum of Childhood, as soak up the nostalgia.
  • Outdoors: Take advantage of some of the city’s riverside walks, gardens and parks, with a special mention of the popular Princes Street Gardens, nestled at the foot of City’s castle. During the summer season, the garden brims with revitalized energy, ideal for a budget outdoor picnic. For something more pulsating and energetic, head to the prominent landmark on the city Horizon, Arthur’s Seat, offering expansive views of the city.


There are not many cosmopolitan cities in the world that can compete with the class and elegance of London. People pour in from different parts of the world to visit this city, often touted as one of the most expensive cities in the world. However, there is plenty to explore here, even if you are on a budget trip.

  • National Maritime Museum: This iconic museum is a repository of 2 million artefacts related to maritime history of the country, including sizable portrait collection, astronomy and navigation, scientific instruments for time-keeping and cartography manuscripts.
  • Walk Along Thames: Some of the best walks in the city can only be had along the banks of River Thames, the longest one in England. The entire stretch is populated with iconic monuments and building traversing the heart of city.
  • Westminister Abbey: Although, it costs you something to visit Westminister Abbey, attending the worships on Sunday is an ideal choice. It does not cost you anything, and you can soak up the interior of iconic church, built in Gothic architecture.


Very few cities in the world can defy York for its character and history, dating back 2000 years, with a fascinating origin. The city has aged well over the years, right from the medieval Gothic era to a cosmopolitan city with plenty of attractions.

  • National Railway Museum: Travel back in the past to appreciate marvellous engineering that gave birth to some of the most significant trains in history, marking the renaissance of steam age.
  • York Art Gallery: The recently renovated art gallery houses a vast collection of British-made ceramics and oil paintings from the 18th century. Also, discover the museum gardens where your little ones can have a good time!
  • Rowntree Park: Designed as a tribute to the employees of York cocoa firm Rowntree & Co who lost their lives in World War 1, Rowntree Park is a family friendly spot, where you can get a glimpse of wildlife and water, including squirrels, geese and ducks roaming around the lush lawn.


With a fascinating history, sweeping Georgian crescents and plenty of museums and galleries, Bath is perfect for a short break.

  • Take part in free walking tours to soak up the essence of this wonderful city, enjoying the architecture and ambiance that will cost you nothing. The Bath Abbey, Pulteney Bridge, Circus and The Royal Crescent are all within a short walk from each other.
  • Holbourne Museum and Victoria Art Gallery offer free entry to their primary exhibitions, while it costs only 2.5 bucks to explore the magnificent Bath Abbey.
  • For around 10 bucks, you can experience a wonderful day at the Bath Racecourse, situated on the Lansdown Hill, offering expansive views of the city.

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