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Top UK Theme Parks To Visit

The UK is without a doubt one of Europe’s most exciting destinations. This is evident in the wide variety of theme parks, where visitors can enjoy thrilling rides, fun games and music. From rollercoasters which will raise your hair and give you an adrenaline rush, to up close encounters with dinosaurs, UK theme parks are fun, especially when you book cheap coach hire.

Alton Towers

Located in Staffordshire, Alton Towers has some of the best and most advanced rollercoasters available anywhere in the world. With names like Nemesis, Oblivion and Galactica, you can expect tremendous thrills, especially when you consider the fact that these rollercoasters utilize virtual reality. The park has also opened the Wicker Man, a ride which is over fifty feet tall. Alton Towers also has the distinction of being the first theme park in the UK to offer a Rollercoaster Restaurant.

Thorpe Park

This theme park is located in Surrey and is most famous for the Ghost Train, which was first unveiled in 2016 and which took three years to construct. The ride lasts between ten and fifteen minutes and is a head spinning  experience where passengers will enjoy live action scenes, 4th dimensional  effects and illusions which are performed on a grand scale. Furthermore, Thorpe Park has the distinction of offering some of the fastest rides one will find anywhere in Europe.

Chessington World of Adventures

Also found in Surrey, CWA offers visitors more than forty rides to choose from. Other recently added attractions include the Trail of the Kings, where adventurers search for treasures while walking near jungle giants. It is rapidly becoming one of the most popular theme parks in the country due to its reasonable prices and pulse pounding excitement.

Paultons Park

This theme park was established in Hampshire and is best known for its Lost Kingdom, which is an immersive experience featuring dinosaurs. It opened in 2016 and costs about 9 million pounds to construct, making it one of the costliest projects in the business. The payoff has been worth it however, as the park has received acclaim for its family friendly rollercoasters, Jurassic park and the jeep expedition.

Warwick Castle

What better place to convert into a theme park than a medieval castle? Located in Warwickshire, this facility provides an unbeatable combination of history combined with myth and magic, which is suitable to visitors of all ages. It is the first theme park in the United Kingdom to have a maze which is multi-sensory and completely interactive, named Horrible Histories. Those who enter the maze will get to experience fun that is truly fiendish. Unlike other mazes, the goal isn’t to reach the end or center, but to reorder the time muddle which was made by Rattus Rattus. In July visitors can sleep in medieval styled lodges and enjoy entertainment from jesters at night.


This is the largest theme park in Scotland, and is most famous for the its Giant Condor, which is a ride where passengers will fly as high as 30m while getting spectacular views of both the park and surrounding area. Located in Lanarkshire, it is a must see destination for families that are visiting Scotland and aside from the Giant Condor, other exciting rides include the Tsunami, Runaway Mine Train, Tornado and Big Apple.


Of all the theme parks located in the UK, Legoland updates its attractions most frequently. This means that those who visit each year can always expect something different. The rides and attractions here have been praised for the quality of their 4th dimensional experiences, and the usage of smoke, water and wind to bring things to life around you. Perhaps the park’s biggest attraction is the Lego Death Star, which was constructed using approximately five hundred thousand Lego bricks. Another bonus of Legoland is that most of the rides don’t have any restrictions regarding height.

New Forest Water Park

This is the United Kingdom’s first ever aqua park which is located outdoors, and its success prompted the staff to double the size, adding more water installations along with wiggle bridges, monkey bars and hurdles. There are also lifeguard towers present to keep visitors safe, along with a clubhouse, kayaking and camping facilities.

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