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Advice For Booking Reliable Corporate Coach Hire

Making bookings for a business trip can be stressful, especially when you need to arrange for a whole range of itineraries. Often, one of the easiest things to overlook is the travel provider – with cost usually making up the overarching decision on which company you decide to arrange your corporate coach hire with. 

Many local companies in London including accountancy firms, solicitors and financial advisors regularly hire a coach for travel to meetings, conferences or team days out.

Corporate travel, particularly by coach, needs to feel like luxury; comfortable, clean, and happen without any hiccups if you are to arrive feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day ahead. Finding a corporate coach hire company that is friendly, professional, and most importantly – reliable – is critical for smooth business travel.

When choosing a travel operator to book your corporate travel with, there are many considerations to make, including their safety procedures, affordability, and reputation. But when you have limited knowledge or the coaching industry standards, or even the local area where you may be making your booking, it’s hard to know if you’re getting a trusted service.

If you’re arranging travel for an upcoming corporate event. take a look at our advice to help you find some of the best coach companies in the UK, and ensure your travel needs are met with precision and care.

Research the local area

When it comes to booking executive coach travel, you should start by researching the companies in your local area to keep costs to a minimum.

Pricing quotes are largely based on travel distance and the amount of fuel needed for the trip – this includes the journey from the depot to your pick-up location(s). If you choose a local company for your corporate travel, this will significantly reduce any extra fees.

If you’re not sure which local companies exist out there, then of course the most obvious place to start looking is the internet. But with many traditional coach companies not prioritising a digital presence, it’s also worth asking around your local contacts to see if they have used any reputable firms in the past.

You should also consider spending some time researching llocal bus companies which you may see doing local service and school runs. Some of these companies may also offer corporate bus hire services alongside their other duties, so it’s always worth taking a look.

When it comes to looking for quotes, it’s also worth asking for two: one which looks at the cost of picking up everyone from one location, and one which looks at doing multiple pick-ups along the way. Although this may mean your colleagues and employees may need to travel into work that little bit earlier, this could significantly reduce your costs.

Check the website prior to enquiring

Before contacting any potential private hire coach companies, always take a moment to browse through their website, especially if you’ve been referred to a travel operator from a contact.

Websites are essential in helping you gauge the validity of a company. Think of them like a virtual shop window into who they are and what they stand for. Do they offer information on the people who work for the brand? Share any insight into the causes they support? Can you read previous customer testimonials?

Look for pages which contain information and images of their coaches, so you can check the condition, cleanliness, and style of the transport you’re looking to book.

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