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7 London Events Happening in August 2018

August is a fantastic month to be in London, due to the upcoming entertainment and cultural events. You can enjoy alfresco at the rooftop restaurants or drink a great tasting cocktail with friends at one of the exclusive bars. Whether you enjoy festivals or carnivals, you will find lots to do, so be sure to book London coach rental to help you get around and see all that the city has to offer.

51st State Festival

This event starts on August 4th and will be held at Trent Park. It is a one day music festival which features numerous varieties of House music. Those who attend can expect state of the art sound systems with pulse pounding and atmospheric tunes which will elevate their senses to a whole new level. The production value is expected to be much higher this year, with lots of street vendors on hand to serve food and drinks. Acts expected to perform include Soul Clap, Masters at Work, Norman Jay and Body & Soul.

Summer Opening At Buckingham Palace

Each summer Buckingham Palace is opened to the public, which gives both London residents and foreign tourists a rare opportunity to tour this splendid residence. The palace has more than 700 rooms, with less than twenty being opened to visitors. The Queen and royal family will be away, but you’ll get a chance to see the throne room and other exhibits.

A state room visit usually lasts about two hours, and security is very tight. While visitors are expected to enjoy themselves, no selfies are allowed and cameras are prohibited in certain areas. A café is also available where visitors can drink tea.

Zip Now London

This event is planned to be held near Archbishop’s Park and will give participants the opportunity to slide down one of the world’s longest zip lines at 225 metres. The wire is located 35m in the air and this is not an activity for those who are afraid of heights. The main attraction is the Mega Drop, which involves a free fall of 15m. Safety is taken seriously so each participant can have injury free fun.

Crafty Fox Market

This event starts on August 4th and will feature independent artists from around the UK who will showcase their art in the form of ceramics, prints, textiles and cards. Many of the featured works will be sold which presents a great opportunity for art collectors to mingle with artists while enjoying great food and music.

Moonshine Saloon

This event starts on August 25th and will be held near Kings Road. Attendees are expected to bring their own alcohol to the saloon, which will be a recreation of the classic saloons featured in the 19th century Wild West. Cowboy gear will be present indoors, and you will also be able to visit a general store where you can play dice and card games while sipping on cocktails. This is an excellent opportunity to meet new people while drinking great tasting liquor.

Beat Positive

Starting in August, this is the ultimate venue for hip hop artists and fans. This year the show will feature 1990s style NYC hip hop, with clothing styles and graffiti from the era. Attendees will get to hear music from MC Shan, Run DMC, Dougie Fresh, Salt-n-Pepa and LL Cool J. Those who attend will also be treated to the breath-taking photography work of David Corio as well as Janette Beckman.

Movies On The River

This event will be held on the River Thames, until August the 18th. Participants will get the opportunity to sit back, relax and enjoy movies while riding in the upper deck of a boat. It is perfect for friends, couples and families that are looking for a fun night out. This event marks the very first cinema to ever be held in the Thames, and will last for five nights. Aside from watching classic films such as Dunkirk, Jaws and Dirty Dancing, attendees will get to enjoy great tasting food and drinks. The cruise begins at the Tower of London, and will then return to the Tower Pier.

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