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Top European Attractions For Art Lovers

European artwork has played a pivotal role in the development of Western culture, with the continent being home to hundreds of museums. From classical Renaissance paintings to more contemporary styles and everything in between below are the top destinations for art lovers traveling with Europe coach hire.

Museu Frederic Mares

Located in Barcelona, visitors will get to see an array of curiosities which are housed within the museum, which was once a palace owned by local Counts. Named in honour of sculptor Frederic Mares, the facility features a variety of items that he collected, as well as his sculptures. The museum also has religious artwork and pieces which have been taken from the landscape of Catalonia itself.

Avtovo Metro Station

This metro station can be found in St. Petersburg, Russia, and is evidence that sometimes great artwork can be found outside museums. The works depicted here are the strongest display of Communist reworking anywhere in the world, and includes opulent architecture designed to demonstrate how power can be transferred to the people. The metro station has columns which are encased within glass that has been carved, as well as chandeliers and a huge mosaic featuring Mother Russia.


A misericord is a type of scene which is carved into the bottom of church seats, and will frequently showcase various portrayals of daily life or important proverbs, some of which are comical. This is one of the oldest churches in the Netherlands, and will delight art lovers who are looking for something different.


The capital of Austria is truly an artistic place. There is no one destination here that stands out; there are many. From the baroque style streets to the imperial places, art lovers will delight in all the pleasure they will experience here. Ringstrasse Palace has been transformed in a museum of art, and is a place that you will definitely want to visit, along with local concerts that pay homage to both Beethoven and Mozart by featuring their music.

Frieze from Pablo Picasso

This attraction can be found in Barcelona, in close proximity to the Barcelona Cathedral. Created by Pablo Picasso during the 1960s, the frieze is a work of art which extends outside the structure and is both relaxing and playful. The graffiti style attractions people from all around, including Spaniards and especially tourists who are visiting the area. The artwork depicts people performing the Sardana dance, which is popular in Catalonia and which is meant to symbolize national identity.

Florence, Italy

This list of attractions would not be complete if it didn’t include at least one place from Italy. Florence is without a doubt is one of the most important artistic cities in Europe. Here you can view the works of Michelangelo, including his sculpture David. The architecture in Florence is impressive as well, and many areas of the city have remained largely unchanged since medieval times.

The Arcade Museum

Established in St. Petersburg, this attraction is a real time machine, one that will take visitors back to the Soviet era where they can see the type of computer games and arcade machines that were used at the time. It is the largest such collection in Russia, and will appeal to history buffs, art lovers and those interested in the history of gaming in general.

The Louvre

Located in France near the Seine River, this is Europe’s largest and most popular museum. It houses world famous works such as the Mona Lisa, and receives over eight million visitors each year. In fact, those wanting a tour will often have to make a reservation and wait their turn. The museum was once a palace which was constructed between the 12th and 13th centuries by King Philip II. For a while it was the residence of the French royal family until King Louis XIV decided to build the Palace of Versailles, after which the Louvre was used primarily to store royal collections. Today it has almost forty thousand pieces of art, from various periods of European history. It is a historic landmark that every art lover visiting Paris will want to see.

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