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Theme Parks in the UK

Theme Parks are something that the United Kingdom does well and indeed there are a number of them spread across the country, some better than others but finding a quality attraction close by shouldn’t be too difficult. As we have said, there are a vast number of theme parks across the UK but below are just 10 suggestions of places you can visit and yes we have included a couple in Scotland and Wales!

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   1. Alton Towers

Alton Towers located in Staffordshire is arguably the best known Theme Park in the UK with new improved rides opening every year. The Park covers a vast area and includes gardens, hotels and of course a wide selection of rides, of which there are around 50 with The Smiler being the new attraction for 2016. The park is open throughout the year and is reasonably priced with child prices starting at £29.25 child and £34.65 for adults.

   2. Legoland

Legoland is located in Berkshire and is another park that is open throughout the year. As the name suggests the park is synonymous with all things to do with Lego and the rides and other activities reflect this. There are again hotels onsite with some offers including a “kids go free” option which obviously helps with the cost. The prices start at around £25.00 for children and £30.00 for adults.

   3. Chessington World of Adventures and Zoo

The Chessington World of Adventures is located in Surrey and is exactly what the name suggests a zoo and a theme park all rolled into one. The new attraction for 2016 is the Ride into Africa which is a journey in an off road truck where hopefully you will see animals from Africa including giraffes, rhinos and flamingos. You can stay overnight in a hotel or for the more adventurous in a tent and take in all the roller coasters and rides the following day!

   4. Oakwood Theme Park

Oakwood Theme Park is located in Pembrokeshire and is the only theme park in Wales. The park is home to the Megaphobia ride which was voted the best ride in the UK and third best in the World recently. The attraction has 10 rides and is very family orientated and a great day out although some rides may be closed for maintenance so check before you travel.

   5. Flamingo Land

Flamingo Land is located in Yorkshire and is perhaps more famous for the zoo and animals rather than the rides themselves. There is a wide selection of animals including giraffes, rhinos and zebras with the latest ride, Hero having riders in a flying position swooping up and down in a flying manner.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach    Legoland    Flamingo Land

   6. Drayton Manor Park

Drayton Manor Park is another theme park which is located in Staffordshire and is home to the Apocalypse, which was recently voted Britain’s Scariest Ride. With the exception of this ride the park is mainly aimed at the younger visitor with a zoo also onsite and a variety of attractions including Thomas the Tank Engine.

   7. M&D’s

M&D’s is Scotland’s predominantly indoor theme park and is located in Motherwell, close to Glasgow. There are a few rides that are outside and available in the summer months but it is mainly concentrated around indoor activities such as bowling and the indoor rainforest. Apart from the outdoor rides this theme park is largely aimed at younger visitors.

   8. Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park is located in Surrey and The Swarm, which is a modern roller coaster, is the latest ride to become available at the park. If you are a nervous disposition or faint hearted this is probably not the ride for you as it involves a blind 127 foot drop that at best can leave you shaking and at worst decidedly sick! Again this is another park that has accommodation and animals so it really should appeal to all of the family.

   9. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

What list of theme parks could be complete without a mention of the Blackpool Pleasure Beach? The Big Dipper will be 90 years old this year so why not go along and help celebrate the event. The Pleasure Beach has many rides catering for all ages and includes modern rides as well as those from a bygone era to add a little nostalgia to your visit.

   10. Flambards Experience

A perhaps lesser known theme park that is located in Cornwall. Previously it perhaps been best known for its proximity to the Helston Aircraft Museum and the museum dedicated to Britain in the Blitz but it is now a fully fledged theme park in its own right. The rides include ‘The Shuttle’ and the ‘Thunderbolt’, both of which are sure to have your knees trembling as you get off! This is a great day out for the family and a nice change to a day at the beach in England’s warmest county.

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