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Travelling From England To Scotland

The two most prominent transport routes from England to Scotland by land are the A1 English East, or West through the M74, A74 or M6. The A1 route is popular for cheap coach hire since it passes through Doncaster, Newcastle and Peterborough, which allows the passengers to take the most scenic route via the A68.

Getting To Scotland through the M6

The route M6 extends around Birmingham, between both Liverpool and Manchester. From here the bus will reach Carlisle, which provides driving which is dual carriageway for the entire distance. In most cases the coach services offered throughout the UK will use routes similar to trains, with the benefit of having lower ticket costs. The service frequency is also identical, even though journeys will usually be longer when undertaken by coach. The best route for reaching Scotland is dependent on the location of your departure. In some cases travellers may have multiple options available, and will need to choose the one which is best for them.

How UK Coach Services Are Arranged

The majority of UK coach services have routes which extend to major Scottish cities such as Glasgow, Inverness, Aberdeen, and Edinburgh. Other routes include both Perth and Dundee. For overnight journeys, each passenger will be provided with an individual berth along with seating that is standardized so they have more comfort. The schedules and routes can be found online, where passengers can also receive updates and any schedule changes.

Coach services are advantageous in that they allow passengers to see some of the United Kingdom’s most beautiful areas. One such example is the District Lake, which is used by many carriers as a midpoint between England and Scotland. Generally, the time required to travel from England to Scotland by coach is approximately seven hours between London and Glasgow, but trips to Inverness can take up to ten hours. The coach services provided in the UK are exceptionally high in quality. The largest buses even provide sleeper coaches that are equipped with beds, giving those that use them maximum relaxation and privacy.

Visas And Passports

International, non-UK residents must have a valid passport to enter Scotland. Those from continental Europe can remain a maximum of 3 months without requiring a visa, but for those who are EU citizens there are no such limitations. Those visiting from Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States can remain for a maximum of six months. Those who have questions will want to visit the Tourist Office of the UK.


Those traveling from England to Scotland will have a host of attractions to choose from, both during the trip and after their arrival. Just a few examples of this are day trips to Loch Ness from Edinburgh, a tour of the Scottish Highlands, and a walking tour of Edinburgh castle. Many of these sojourns last for up to ten hours, giving visitors time to really get to know the history of the area. There are whiskey distilleries, sightseeing tours and day trips to the Isle of Skye. The various attractions vary in price, with some being affordable while others can be quite costly. Typically, the cost for each attraction is partly dependent on its duration, and the amenities which are provided to participants.

Upon arriving in Scotland, it is important for visitors to remember that its climate is distinct from the rest of the UK, being similar to South Scandinavia since both regions have latitude which is almost identical. The climate is both oceanic as well as temperate, and can change suddenly. Although it is located in the north Scotland receives warmth from the Atlantic Gulfstream, and as such has winters which are mild. The Scottish West is generally warmer than the Scottish East.

Scotland also has its own distinct cuisine, which places heavy emphasis on dairy goods, fish, vegetables and game. Scottish dishes are known for their simplicity and lack of spices, since they were historically difficult and costly to come by. The national dish is called haggis, which is a type of pudding which has a mixture of oatmeal, offal, fat and spices which is prepared within casing. Whiskey is the nation’s most popular beverage.

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