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Travelling From England To Ireland

Those who wish to travel from England to Ireland will need to use a ferry to cross the North Channel or Irish Sea. Depending on where you are within the UK, to reach the ferry you will want to book coach rental, after which you will be transported across the water by ship to a port in Northern Ireland where you will be greeted by a local coach.

Irish Geography And Road Quality

The northern part of Ireland is distinctive for its bijou expanse, which means that transport by road is usually straightforward. All you need to do is decide which charter service you want to use, the schedule which is most convenient for you, and then buy your ticket. Most of the bus services in Ireland utilize smart cards which are integrated and which offer bus travel daily and weekly that is unlimited, for three distinct zones across the country. It is the best option for those that travel regularly, such as business people.

The government of Ireland recognizes the importance of bus transport, and has been promoting the development of services which extend to areas which are rural in order to increase tourism. Such services allow both residents and foreigners alike to see some of the country’s most spectacular areas, and to expand their horizon beyond large cities such as Belfast or Dublin. The busses will arrive and depart from specific locations within every area, as well as connecting to centralized terminals. Tickets may be brought directly from drivers.

Public Bus Transport in Ireland

There are a number of high quality bus services available in Ireland. They provide most of the services around Belfast, and there are routes which will connect East Belfast with the West along with the city’s Titanic Quarter. There are also terminals which provide services to smaller towns throughout the North, along with cross border programs that will allow passengers to cross into Southern Ireland. Some travel packages offer special discounts to seniors and individuals who have disabilities. However, free passes may not be available to those traveling to or from the south.

How Buses Compare To Cars And Taxis

The good news is that there are lots of parking spaces available throughout Ireland. The bad news is that they have meters which charge by the hour, in fifteen minute increments. This can be a real headache to tourists who aren’t familiar with the practice. However, the fees can be paid for by credit card, debit card or coin. It is extremely important to make note of nearby signs so you don’t park longer than needed, and those that attempt to park without paying can quickly find themselves in trouble with traffic wardens. It must also be noted that car parks throughout Ireland can vary greatly in the fees they charge.

Taxis come in three varieties, which are black taxis, private taxis and airport taxis. Black taxis can be used via the ranks that are distributed around the city, such as Botanic Inn or the City Hall, and they may also be flagged from the street directly. Airport taxis, especially those within Belfast, have plates which are white and will only operate outside airports or near city centres. Private taxis are those which can be hired in advance.

The biggest downside to taxis is that aside from the fees, which can be high depending on distance, they can be difficult to get near closing times on weekends, especially on Friday or Saturday evening. Buses are much more convenient, both in price and in schedule.

Attractions In Ireland

Ireland is home to a number of attractions, many of which are World Heritage Sites. Tourists enjoy visiting Bunratty Castle, Giant’s Causeway, Mount Stewart and Holy Cross Abbey. Dublin is the island’s top tourist destination as it is the site of numerous attractions like the Book of Kells, Lake Killarney and Guinness Storehouse.

Aside from the main island, there are a number of smaller islands nearby that both tourists and locals can visit, such as Achill Island, which is just off the coast near County Mayo. The surrounding waters are outstanding for surfing.

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