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Travelling From England To France

Travelling from the United Kingdom to France is easy, especially when you use Europe coach hire. The distance between Southern England and Northern France is about 280 miles. However, knowing the travel options which are available along with your preferences will allow you to choose the proper point of departure while traveling in comfort.

Euro Tunnel

The Euro Tunnel is situated near Calais and is the primary method by which one crosses over the English Channel from the UK into France. It is about 180 miles from Paris, and is popular for those traveling with lots of luggage or as a big family with pets. Tickets are issued for each vehicle and pets must have their own special passports. Individual vehicles can hold a maximum of nine passengers without incurring additional fees.

While convenient, the biggest disadvantage is that you must use Le Shuttle to transport the vehicle, as foot passengers are not allowed. Fuel costs also have to be factored in, along with French tolls. Additionally, some car rental firms do not permit their vehicles to be transported across the border, and those that do typically will expect a surcharge.


Coaches are regarded by many as being the most straightforward, affordable option. Although they extend the time of the trip, because most of their operators also use Le Shuttle or ferries, frequent service is available among Lille, Calais, Paris and English cities such as Canterbury and London. These coaches are classy and will be equipped with air conditioning, toilets and wireless internet access on board. A trip from London to Paris will usually take about seven hours. The biggest benefit of using a coach is that you go from one city centre to another directly, and it is the most cost effective travel option available.


High speed travel by locomotive is possible between London and Paris. The rail covers about 360 miles and can be traversed in little more than two hours. Aside from stations in the major metropolitan centres, one can also depart from smaller locations such as Lille in France or Ashford in the UK near Kent.  The biggest advantage of traveling by train is the speed with which the journey is completed. However, the tickets can be expensive in comparison to other options and passengers might have to pay even more for their baggage.


The trouble with traveling by air is that one misses out on the spectacular scenery that exists between the two countries. A road trip by coach gives you the opportunity to see all sorts of interesting sites, such as Devil’s Dyke in the United Kingdom, which is the region’s longest and deepest valley. It has places which will allow coach passengers to see a gorgeous panorama above the Downs and into the sea beyond. Geologists state that the area was created as the result of erosion within rivers that occurred during the most recent Ice Age.

Situated near Brighton, roads are available which winds its way along the coast until reaching Newhaven, where ferries can be used to cross over the Channel into France near the city of Dieppe. It i s from this point that visitors can enjoy the scenic Alabaster Coast, which is part of Normandy and has geography consistent  of cliffs with white chalk that tower above the ocean. This chalk has been continuously eroded by the waves, which have carved intricate formations of rock within the cliffs. The most beautiful can be seen at Etretat, which has a beach with rocks that served as an inspiration for artists such as Monet and Boudin.

As the coach moves deeper into France, passengers will reach the town of Rouen. This city is historic, having existed since Medieval times and is filled with streets made from cobblestone and houses constructed with stone and wood. In the central plaza one will find a cathedral, which is one of the tallest in the nation and distinctive for its Gothic architecture. Rouen is best known for its art, and there are a number of dealers that specialise in the non-Parisian style.

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