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7 Road Trips In Europe To Try With Your Minibus Hire

Europe is a spectacular continent, with geography that ranges from snow-capped mountains to Mediterranean beaches, forests and everything between. Therefore, choosing a road trip can be challenging, until you see the list of top destinations below. These excursions are best enjoyed through Europe minibus hire.

Romantische Strasse in Germany

Those who drive along this route will be treated to castles, walled towns and scenery which are serene. It stretches through Southern German regions such as Bavaria where visitors can view the Wurzburg Residenz, with its romantic architecture and Tauberbischofsheim, which is a village founded during medieval times which specializes in the art of wine making. Upstream near the Tauber River is Mergentheim, which is best known for its spas.  This route is highly recommended from spring to autumn.

Ring of Kerry in Ireland

This is arguably one of Ireland’s most famous roads, which encircles the Iveragh peninsula. Travellers will get to see Killarney National Park and its scenery, which includes green uplands with lakes, as well as Macgillicuddy’s Reeks Mountain. Those who want a break to relax can stop at Glenbeigh, which has a nice beach or continue along the peninsula until reaching Ballinskelligs fishing harbour. The Ring starts and ends near Killarney and can be traversed within a single day, especially during summer. The route can become narrow on the peninsula, especially when lots of tourists are out and about.

The Transfagarasan in Romania

Situated in Central Romania, many have referred to it as the best driving experience on Earth. From an engineering perspective alone, the Transfagarasan highway is phenomenal, as it consists of tarmac which has been packed with viaducts, bridges and tunnels which involves the navigation of hairpin bends. The road was constructed during the communist period, under Nicolae Ceausescu, who desired a rapid method of escaping the country in case the Soviets invaded. Like many highways it is strategic in nature, but this has not in any way subtracted from its beauty, which involves traversing scenic mountain passes through the South Carpathian Mountains. It takes about three hours to pass through and the route is best taken during the summer or fall, as it will typically be shut down between October and June due to heavy snowfall. Don’t forget to stop by the Balea glacial lake to have a picnic.

Spoleto Norcia In Italy

This drive is short but delightful, with some comparing it to an opera of landscapes. The route begins in olive rich Umbrian hill country, and winds its way through Valnerina, which is a green valley known for its steep sides and stone constructed villages. This part of the journey feels Alpine, but morphs as it enters a vista of fertile plains near Norcia, a town which is walled, a throwback to medieval times. It is recommended to take a break here to enjoy the famous sausages and truffles. Upon leaving the area and continuing the route will start to climb sharply as you ascend to the Passo di Gualdo, which is where the Piano Grand Valley can be found, which is highly regarded for the lentils grown there.

Scotland’s North Coast 500

Many have heard of the Scottish highlands, but it has to be experienced first-hand to be fully appreciated. The views on this route are without a doubt some of Northern Europe’s most marvellous. It is extensive, covering more than 800 kilometres, which covers the northernmost part of the UK, creating feelings of romance and mysticism in all who are fortunate enough to pass through. However, it is the pauses or breaks that really make this road trip special.

For instance, one can head south from Wick to see the Grey Cairns of Camster, which is a burial chamber over 5,000 years of age. Other sight includes the ruins of medieval castles, emerald lochs, and of course, caves. The journey wouldn’t be complete without a few distilleries, where you can sample some of Scotland’s best alcoholic beverages. Due to the length of this route it can take as long as four days from start to finish and the best time to travel is during fall, when the leaves become brown and mist falls from the lochs.

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