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Choosing Stellar Hotels In Europe For School Field Trips

Hotel accommodations are an essential part of school field trips in Europe, whether you’re visiting a major city such as Berlin or a smaller destination such as Siena. Selecting the right neighbourhood and lodgings will greatly influence your experience and remember to make your travels convenient by using bus charter in Europe for schools.

Use a Hotel Guidebook

It is highly recommended to use a guidebook when planning a school field trip. It should be one which espouses a travel approach which is in line with your needs. A good guidebook will provide extensive information on local hotels including reviews which can give you insights as to their level of service. When choosing a guidebook it is important to make sure it is the newest edition as prices and available services are subject to change.

Travel Reviews And Online Sources

There are a number of online sources which compile information related to hotels, agencies and their websites. If you come across a deal that interest you, websites such as Yelp or TripAdvisor are excellent sources for consultation. However, the information on these websites should be taken with a grain of salt, especially the reviews. Although the owners work diligently to remove bogus reviews and users, some are inevitably posted by friends or competitors.

Below are the top hotels in Europe for those planning school field trips:

The Grove (London)

The Earls of Clarendon once owned this estate which has now been transformed into a hotel/resort. The facility is situated within the hills of the grove, which is about forty five minutes northwest from London. It is a fabulous spot for unwinding with kids and seeing the many sights which are available. Heathrow airport is about a half hour away, so it won’t take long to depart for flights, and in contrast to most of the London hotels The Grove is much more comparable to a beach resort. Activities that can be enjoyed here include cultural and museum tours, bicycling, golf, and many outdoors activities. A kid’s club is also available.

The Gstaad Palace (Switzerland)

This hotel is encapsulated by Alpine mountains and overlooks a gorgeous valley which is heavily forested. It has hosted the likes of Madonna and many other celebrities, and has been compared to a palace from a Disney film. It is complete with white towers which will impress all those who see it, and is complete with amenities such as skiing, hiking, a swimming pool that is Olympic sized, laundry services, arrangements for babysitting and gourmet dining onsite.

Ashford Castle (Ireland)

When arriving to this hotel guests will be greeted by gentlemen dressed in dapper outfits which will guide them in through iron gates and a bridge, with stone towers that are a throwback to a previous era. Ashford Castle was constructed eight hundred years ago; near the banks of a large lake, with lovely hills and forests surrounding it. Many have heard of such castles but few get to see them up close, this facility allows you to do so. It has won some of the highest accolades in the hotel industry, and a long list of famous people has lodged there, including Barbara Streisand, President Ronald Reagan and Brad Pitt. Many of their photos can be seen near the gift shop, and activities which can be enjoyed here include sailing, hiking, bicycling, horseback riding and museum tours.

The Dolder Grand (Switzerland)

Switzerland again makes the list with the Dolder Grand, which is located in Zurich. This hotel was constructed above a forest which overlooks Zurich Lake, and can be accessed through a funicular. The Dolder Grande showcases five star luxuries to their greatest extent, with outstanding cuisine, ice skating, hiking, golf and museum tours. The hotel was first constructed in 1899, and was designed for the purpose of relaxation. Visually, it looks like a castle, and is one of the best hotels in the country for kids, due to its children’s program, babysitting facilities, cribs and numerous amenities. Wi-Fi is included along with a pool, laundry services and kitchenettes. Guests can also swim in the nearby lake (when weather permits).

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