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6 Scenic Locations To Visit In Europe

Most tourists avoid taking vacations in Europe since they believe that it is notoriously expensive. This is just a misconception. Europe has a lot to offer and it has an irresistible mix of landscape, history and culture. If you are planning for a group tour, you can easily cut down your costs by choosing destinations that will allow you to use Europe coach hire to get you to your ideal locations. The following are some of the ideal locations with a scenic view that you can enjoy on your next group trip.

Andalucia, Spain

This part of Spain is magnificently glorious and really has a lot to offer guests. Think of marvellous countryside, cities, beer and Tapas for days. If you are looking for one destination to spend your entire vacation time, this would be the ideal place. You will find all you need here from wonderful local traditional events to places you can enjoy peace and quiet to joints you can enjoy scrumptious meals. It makes the best destination for group trips since you can visit museums and attractions the place has to offer. Andalucia is lovely place to be especially during summer months.

Budapest, Hungary

For people looking to have a great vacation but have limited cash to spend, Budapest in Hungary would be the idyllic location. The area is flooded with idiosyncratic bars or one can simply enjoy the cruises on the river with family or friends. During summer, Budapest is visited by a large number of tourists from all over Europe especially from the UK. The weather is not too hot during summer and there are a lot of outdoor activities that one can take part in.

Porto, Portugal

For people who are looking to just go on a vacation with the intention of meeting new people and having fun, Porto is famous with visitors who are in a bit of people watching. The place is known for its superb coffee and more so, the waterfront cafes available in the area. Aside from enjoying the delicious local food, guests here get to visit art museums or simply enjoy walks in the Parks found in the area. It is also an ideal place for wine lovers.

Gdansk, Poland

Are you a history lover? This port town has a lot of rich history. The town has a shipyard crane that dates all the way back to the 15th century. The place is ideal for people looking to enjoy a quiet and peaceful vacation. Gdansk has an ancient look, but that does not mean it does not embrace the hip and modern lifestyle. Guests head down to nearby coastal resorts for drinks and they cool off from the hot weather during summer months.

The Albanian Coast

Albania is considered of the most pocket friendly places to visit in Europe. If you picture a vacation spot where you and your buddies can enjoy a perfect beach break, this is the place to be. The coast has white sandy beaches and there are a lot resorts in the area to accommodate as many guests as need be. Don’t miss out the opportunity of a lifetime. Take a break from everyday life and take a trip to Albania to enjoy a quiet, but rather interesting holiday.

London, England

It is unfortunate that most visitors think that visiting London is a costly affair. On the contrary, the city has a lot to offer its guests and there are quite a number of events and activities one can take part in for free while in the city. If you are travelling as a group, there are bus hire companies that can take you around to all the popular attractions and destinations. You and your friends can enjoy taking bus rides around the city. You also have a choice to check out the natural history museums in the area.

Whether you are working on a tight budget or you are well prepared to spend during your group vacation in Europe, there are a number of scenic locations that you can enjoy. Prior to starting your vacation, if you are travelling as a group, it is always best to ensure that you arrange for coach hire services ahead of time.

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