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Day Trip Ideas For Seniors In Europe

Europe is truly one of the most beautiful and magical parts of the world. You have the unforgettable beaches of the Mediterranean, old world beauty of Paris and the stately grandeur of London. Elderly travellers may find it appealing to travel any time of the year, with some cultural highlights and destinations on offer. Not all cities are equal when it comes to ease and mobility for senior travellers. Choose Europe coach hire to help you discover day trips with your group of friends or family.


Berlin imitates the historical and cultural amenities on scale with Paris and London, while retaining its mediocre charm. The city is filled with plenty of world class galleries and museums showcasing the dark history of the country. The Stasi Museum and the DDR Museum looks into the works of old East Germany and its spying activities. Get powerful insights into the catastrophe of the holocaust and the Jewish experience in Germany. Then you have the East Side Gallery with a fantastic graffiti art project that continues to be an attractive place for street art. Once you are done with the museum, head straight to taste many varieties of the most popular food in the city.


London attracts senior travellers for its rich culture, happening people and laid-back lifestyle. The accessible transport, relative lack of cobblestones and geographical flatness of the city makes it ideal for mobility. Moving at a pace ideal for them, seniors can fill up the days soaking up all the history and culture London has to offer. The literary enthusiasts will want to visit 221b Baker Street, the Charles Dickens House and the Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, while the World War II veterans may find the Imperial War Museum particularly interesting.


This vivacious city can offer senior travellers with a perfect blend of culture and sun. You have the facility of wheelchair-friendly transportation that will whip senior travellers to accessible, clean beaches equipped with wooden paths and ramps to the water. Also, you will spot fewer cobblestones in Barcelona than other cities. A number of wineries sit right outside the doorstep of the city and wine enthusiasts can arrange private tours as per your liking. Another reason that makes the city an ideal base for further exploration are the European cruises that leave from Barcelona. Senior travellers find that cruises offer a mix of sightseeing and convenience suitable to their interests and energy levels.


Many vacationers visit Italy for millennia of history, delicious wine & food and warm weather only to burn a hole in their pockets. You should be heading to Greece, a land rich in history with a number of amazing archaeological sites to visit. Commence your journey with a delightfully chaotic capital of the country, Athens. You can conveniently access some key attractions like the National Archaeological Museum, the ancient Agora and the Parthenon.

Once you have had enough of the city, make way to the coastline to explore affordable and amazing beaches, both on separate islands and the mainland. Mykonos and its neighbouring islands are popular for their nonchalant vibes, lush sunsets, beautiful sand and warm water. Discover places like Corinth, where you will have an option of exploring beaches on either side of the narrow isthmus, along with historically significant sites to keep your heart full of wonders.

Czech Republic

With its legend like capital of Prague, the Czech Republic is an ideal attraction for senior travellers. You would simply love crossing the Charles Bridge, first built in 1357, or taking a stroll to the historic Old Town Square, featuring the oldest functioning astronomical clock in the world. Visit the elegant historic castle, Vysehrad, looking over the Vltava River. If you are looking to explore something historic, head to the largest castle in the prehistoric world, Prague Castle, while also taking a look at the overwhelming St Vitus Cathedral.

There are some contemporary offerings as well, if you are done with historical sites. An amazing modern structure, the Dancing House crafted by the internationally recognised Frank Gehry is a treat for the eyes. It is completely free for public viewing. If you are a fan of the Beatles, don’t be hesitant to take a halt at the Lennon Wall, a free honour to the great John Lennon.

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