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5 European Cities To Visit For The Food

Europe is one of the world’s most diverse continents when it comes to its culinary tradition. From the mountains of Spain to the coasts of Italy and the forests of Georgia, Europe is home to some of the world’s highest rated restaurants with immaculate and great tasting food. When touring the continent to enjoy the regional dishes, make sure to choose coach hire in Europe to make your travels convenient.


Bologna is Northern Italy’s biggest city and is famous for its cuisine. Those who visit the town square near Piazza Maggiore will be treated to the Quadrilatero food market, which has existed since ancient times. Those looking for something to eat will find all types of food, which range from cured meats to fish, pasta, produce and baked goods. Another great location in Bologna is the vegetable market, or Mercato delle Erbe, where there are more residents than tourists. In addition to picking up some great tasting fresh produce, you can also grab a class of wine from Osteria Del Sole, one of the world’s oldest bars that has been in operation since the 15th century. A local dish that you will also want to order during your stay is the tagliatelle al Ragu, which is a type of pasta covered in Bolognese sauce and meat, with some parmesan cheese added to it.


Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and has a culture which prioritizes its cuisine. This is evident in the many restaurants in the area, which serve a variety of regional dishes. Those who aren’t familiar with Georgian cuisine will learn that it is rich in roasted meats which are tender, baked breads and fruit which has been dried. Georgians are also fond of walnuts, as well as roasting their vegetables. Due to its climate, Tbilisi and Georgia in general is also famous for its wine, which can be found in most local restaurants. One of the most popular of these is the Gabriadze Theatre Café, also known as Purpur, which is located in Tbilisi’s historic district.


As the capital and biggest city in Denmark, Copenhagen has a vibrant culinary tradition. It was responsible for the launch of the “New Nordic” cooking movement which was pioneered by Chef Rene Redzepi, and can be enjoyed at the internationally acclaimed Noma restaurant. Copenhagen cuisine depends heavily on regional ingredients as well as produce so that basic, yet elegant dishes can be produced through the usage of classical Nordic cooking methods. Copenhagen is home to a number of restaurants that have received a Michelin rating, which shows you how seriously the locals take their cooking. Some of the most popular dishes that you should try include Smorrebrod, which is a type of sandwich that is open faced, with shrimp, marinated herring, eggs and beef tartar placed on rye bread that has been buttered.

San Sebastian

Located in the Basque region of Spain, San Sebastian manages to stand out in a country famous for its different regional dishes. A number of food experts consider this city to be culinary capital of the European continent. This is due to the fact that it has one of the largest concentrations of Michelin rated restaurants in the European Union. Many foreigners visit the area primarily for the food, a phenomenon which has become known as culinary vacations. Basque restaurants are known for their tapas and experimentation with the physical structure of local ingredients. The food could best be described as culinary art, which tastes absolutely delicious. Cooking classes are offered, where students can enjoy txacoli, which is a dry, white colour wine.


This list wouldn’t be complete without adding a French city to it. While France is world famous for its wine, in Bordeaux it is the cooking which attracts visitors from all over the world. You can enjoy traditional French meals such as foie gras and duck confit, and due to the city’s location near the ocean the seafood is some of the best in the world, with clams, oysters, mussels and langoustines that can be enjoyed with red wine and steak frites.

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