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London Travel Destinations For Adventurers

The lifestyle, nightlife and culture of London is well-known to many. However, do you know that the city has lots to offer in terms of adventures and outdoor activities? Whether it is kayaking, bungee jumping or ice climbing, London has you covered with some greatest thrills on offer. Book coach hire in the UK today to hunt down these adventurous pursuits!

Abseiling From The ArcelorMittal Orbit

Known to be the largest sculpture in UK, the Orbit offers stunning views across the city skyline. This twisted silver and red structure created by artist Anish Kapoor spearing the east horizon of London is a great spot for some adrenaline rush. Being a showpiece of the Olympic Park, it offers freefall abseiling opportunities from the highest point. If you want to soak up the panorama slowly, have a controlled drop, or choose to whip down as a daredevil as fast as the hands allow. Adding more to the thrill, there is a long tunnel slide running right down the throat of sculpture.

Kayaking Along The River Thames

One of the most recognisable rivers in the world, River Thames is the place you would want to be, for some exceptional kayaking experience. Propel yourself past some historic sites including the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament as you depart from the west London gliding beneath the famous bridges. You can either choose to undertake single-seated kayaking or a 2-seated kayak for a couple. This is one priceless experience you surely wouldn’t want to miss out, when in the capital of United Kingdom.

White-Water Rafting At Ree Valley

Ree Valley is an excellent spot for some exhilarating rafting experience in a serene environment. Tearing at speed through fudging boulders, rapids and holding tightly as you plunge down a 5m drop is a part of a thrilling experience at Lee Valley. One of the best artificial white-water spots running a course of 300m was constructed to be a part of 2012 Summer Olympics hosting the canoe slalom. The Lee Valley Centre also offers other adventurous activities, including hydro speeding, where you take to rapids on a cross between a body board and a float. Canoeing is also an option.

Bungee Jumping Alongside O2 Arena

The vast dome of O2 arena is a great spot for taking a plunge with a bungee jumping experience to stretch your tolerance for jumping at heights. One weekend of each month is reserved for a 50m crane in Greenwich, giving you a chance to take a plunge in a tandem jump, or go for it alone. Prior to plummeting towards a massive airbag, soak up expansive views of the tallest landmarks in the city and the Canary Wharf.

Swim On the Heath Or In The Serpentine

A skin tickling way to revive yourself in London is to take a bracing dip in one of the famous parks of the city. Beyond the squabbling swans, ducks and pedalos of the Serpentine Lake is a dedicated swimming area where you can take a leisure bath in the lap of nature. Make sure to come on weekdays to avoid extra gathering on weekends. Another place offering an incredibly natural environment is the wilder expanse of Hamstead Heath in north London. There are a total of three ponds here, out of which two are open for swimming all-round the year.

Cycling Through The Fastest Track In The World

Whether you love cycling or not, you are surely going to enjoy this experience in the indoor Velodrome at the Lee Valley VeloPark. During the 2012 games, this venue inside the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park hosted some of the top riders in the world and any cycling fan would not like to miss spinning on the fastest track. With sloping, steep banks coupled with iconic setting and fixed wheel bikes, the oval track caters to cyclists of all abilities, making it a unique circuit experience for everyone. The park also boasts of mountain bike trails and outdoor BMX track.

If you are travelling in a group to any of these adventurous spots, it’s recommended to hire a coach with a driver, so as to avoid any difficulty in navigating your way to the abovementioned destinations. Pack your bags and get going on an adventurous journey!

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