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Formula 1- British Grand Prix

6th to 8th July, 2018

Silverstone Circuits Limited has announced that due to approval via Formula One Management, the British Grand Prix for 2018 will be held on the Arena Grand Prix Circuit. This is a top of the line race car event which will feature high performance vehicles and drivers, and is expected to see record attendance.

Select Coach Hire provides premium minibus and coach packages to those attending this event, and our vehicles can be used by groups of all sizes, with multiple vehicles being reserved as needed. To get a quote for our transport service, simply use this simple online form or contact us directly by phone. Your tickets should be printed prior to your arrival as no equipment will be available for printing at the racetrack itself.

About Formula 1 British Grand Prix

The British Grand Prix is the UK’s premier race car event and is part of the FIA Formula One Championships. It will typically be held on the Silverstone Circuit, which can be found by the village named Silverstone which is located in Northamptonshire, England. As of last year the event has been held 68 times, with this year’s event being the 69th edition. The British Grand Prix, along with the Italian Grand Prix, are notable as they are the only two Formula One championships which have been held continuously since the competition was first held in 1950.

Reports indicate that Silverstone has put over £5 million into the financing of this event. The circuit is new and described as being super-fast, and a number of additional enhancements have been made to the viewing area for spectators. For instance, the viewing banks have been elevated, and the both the fence lines and grandstands have been placed closer to the track to give attendees a better view of the action.

What is most exciting, particularly to the drivers, will be the fresh race track design. It retains all the essential ingredients of Silverstone, which are its speed and flow, yet has been modified to be more challenging technically. Scientific data has been compiled which is determined by mathematical interpolations and simulations which have produced a track design which is unlike anywhere else on Earth. Although the circuit length has been extended by approximately 760m, the actual lap times for the F1 vehicles will be increased by about four seconds. New circuit sections have also been incorporated to keep it in compliance with safety regulations established by MotoGP. This track was designed specifically for both four and two wheel races.

Ticketing Information

Select Coach Hire offers three ticket types, which are Ticket Only, Private Boxes and Hospitality Packages. The fees for these tickets start at only £29 for each person (Steeplechase tickets) and will increase to £115 for Lord Daresbury Roof Tickets. The Hospitality packages begin at £329 for each person but tend to sell out fast, while the private boxes can be reserved for £635 per person but require sixteen people minimum. Tickets can be purchased online here.

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