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7 London Events Happening In October 2018

Exploring London this October 2018? Do you want to know more about what is in store for you when you get to visit this majestic capital city of England? The good news is you can feast on its good food, celebrate its culture, and be captivated with its sites with the different events happening this October. Remember to use London coach hire when attending these events.

Changing the Guard

One of the many reasons behind why tourists are dying to go to London is the fact that they want to get a glimpse of the Buckingham Palace. While you may not get to see Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during your tour of the place, you still get the chance to be captivated by the men protecting the palace. This free ceremony is celebrated all year round every time a New Guard takes over the post of the Old Guard. This 45-minute show is just enough to fill you with delight and anticipation.

London Restaurant Festival

When you will be visiting London this October, you will be in for a full month of gastronomic treat via the London Restaurant Festival. With this one-of-a-kind festival, you will be given the chance to sample the different restaurant menus from London’s most famous eateries. The Festival actually pays homage to the diversity of London cuisine. The good thing is you also get to sample food from all over the world form the various restaurants in the city during this month-long affair. Of course, the entire event will not be complete unless you can grab samples of cuisines from Michelin star restaurants in London.

Centenary of Women’s Vote

This year-long affair is done in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Representation of the People Act 1918, an act which has given women the power to vote in the UK. Apart from remembering this very important part of London’s history, the celebration also offers a lot of activities that men and women alike will love to witness. Different activities are held every month to mark the celebration. On October 7 and 13, you will get to see how a total of more than 200 women from London dance during the Dance Umbrella 2018 Festival activity entitled ‘Everything That Rises Must Dance.’

Six Day London

Running from October 23 to 28, the Six Day London festivity to be held at the Lee Valley VeloPark is one to include in your itinerary during your visit to the city. Witness how professional riders like Katie Archibald and Mark Cavendish compete while entertainment and music is playing in the backdrop. The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in the same spot becomes alive during this event with top musicians and the best cyclists coming together to bring a unique vibe in the atmosphere.

Museums at Night

Experience an extraordinary getaway to London by visiting museums during night time rather than touring such famous spots for the entire day. This three-day affair that will run from October 25 to 27 is not just exclusive to one museum in London. It is actually a celebration of culture after dark for museum and art galleries all across the city. This biannual festival offers late-night exhibitions, torch-lit tours, and quirky workshops for the young ones and the young at heart. Halloween-themed events await you during this month’s celebration.

Africa on the Square

Visiting London is not just about discovering what the city has to offer. You can get to see and appreciate other cultures from around the world during your visit. On October 27, the Trafalgar Square will be opened so that you can witness African culture, heritage, and art while in London. This free event is open to the public and is part of the city’s Black History Month celebration. A lot of food stalls will be setup in this iconic place while entertainment will fill your heart and eyes with contentment.

October Half-Term

October is such a perfect season to tag along your kids with you during your visit to London. The city has a wide range of family-friendly activities for you and your kids who are out for a school break. Half-term activities include ice skating on the Natural History Museum which will open before October ends. You can also scout for activities in the various children’s museums and attractions in London.

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