How To Plan A School Excursion To Europe From The UK

Advanced planning is extremely important for those who want to embark on a school excursion from the United Kingdom to continental Europe. You will need to make sure your travel documents are in order, and that you’ve established a budget, itinerary, accommodations and lodging. Choosing cheap coach hire will also prevent unnecessary travel delays, allowing […]

5 European Cities To Visit For The Food

Europe is one of the world’s most diverse continents when it comes to its culinary tradition. From the mountains of Spain to the coasts of Italy and the forests of Georgia, Europe is home to some of the world’s highest rated restaurants with immaculate and great tasting food. When touring the continent to enjoy the […]

7 London Events Happening In June 2018

Summer arrives in London soon, and this means a bunch of fun events will be held. There is something for everyone, from food to music festivals and royal birthday celebrations. This cosmopolitan city offers world class events which will truly allow you to enjoy its metropolitan atmosphere, and the best way to get around during […]

Choosing Stellar Hotels In Europe For School Field Trips

Hotel accommodations are an essential part of school field trips in Europe, whether you’re visiting a major city such as Berlin or a smaller destination such as Siena. Selecting the right neighbourhood and lodgings will greatly influence your experience and remember to make your travels convenient by using bus charter in Europe for schools. Use […]

7 Road Trips In Europe To Try With Your Minibus Hire

Europe is a spectacular continent, with geography that ranges from snow-capped mountains to Mediterranean beaches, forests and everything between. Therefore, choosing a road trip can be challenging, until you see the list of top destinations below. These excursions are best enjoyed through Europe minibus hire. Romantische Strasse in Germany Those who drive along this route […]

5 European Cities That Are Known As Top Business Hubs

The European Union is without a doubt one of the world’s most vibrant and prosperous economic hubs. From state of the art technology to high finance and intensive research institutions, Europe offers a lot to both regional and international businesses. Here are some of the top European cities that are top business hubs, and whenever […]

7 London Events Happening In May 2018

May is surprisingly one of the best months to be in London. There are so many events planned on this month that mostly involve outdoor activities. Whether you are seeking a food festival, a cultural event or simply go to an event that will allow you to meet new people and enjoy the summer season, […]

6 Scenic Locations To Visit In Europe

Most tourists avoid taking vacations in Europe since they believe that it is notoriously expensive. This is just a misconception. Europe has a lot to offer and it has an irresistible mix of landscape, history and culture. If you are planning for a group tour, you can easily cut down your costs by choosing destinations […]

Top Corporate Event Venues In Europe

For a corporate event to be successful, the choice of the destination is very important. There are several event destinations one can choose from in Europe, but you have to pick one that is easy to reach. Pick a destination that can easily be accessed via bus hire from the UK to Europe, with conference […]

Best Attractions In Europe For School Field Trips

The best thing about student travel in Europe is that there are several destinations that do not require too much planning and the accommodations are relatively fair. When you factor in cheap coach hire in Europe and cheap airfares, school field trips can be as affordable as you like. How can you tell if a […]