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London: Travel Destinations For History Lovers

London is a land of rich history and traditionalism, with an unmatched cultural heritage. With traces of the intriguing past, London has its own peculiar style with blend of contemporary and traditional ethics. The historical ambiance of this place is fantastic with some World Heritage sites on offer. Here are a few attractions detailed in this post for history enthusiasts. You can easily access these historical spots by booking cheap coach hire for a comfortable ride.

Westminster Abbey

If we talk about immersing yourself in the depth of English history, and your thoughts should tilt towards the iconic Westminster Abbey. Housing the massive Gothic Church, this prominent structure is an absolute delight to watch. It is the very spot where English kings and monarchs were crowned and here, many have been buried down the earth. The place is open to public from Thursday to Tuesday, with extended timings on Wednesdays.

London Tower

Dating back to the time of William, the Conqueror, the Tower of London was given structure and shape by some well-renowned kings in England. It got expansion way back in the 13th century and the architecture that we see today is a quintessential of traditional design. The popular attraction of this place is the wide assortment of Crown Jewels and a historical castle on the north bank of River Thames.  Initially this place was used as a prison between the 12th and 20th century.

Roman Wall of London City

Against the forces of evil, Romans built a protective wall shielding the city of Londinium. The Roman Wall of London that we see today has eroded over time, due to climatic changes, but still has enough details to attract history lovers from across the country.

National Gallery in London

Established in the year 1824, the National Gallery stands tall at the Trafalgar Square. It houses a massive collection of globally renowned paintings and vintage illustrations by top-notch artists of the past and present. If you are a history buff, you are seriously going to love this place with its assortment of paintings as old as 11th century. You don’t have to pay anything to witness the artworks in one of the most significant museum in the world.

London Banqueting House

Built during the 17th century and crafted by Inigo Jones, the famous London Banqueting House survived as a portion of Whitehall Palace. It was a time when English Civil War happened and execution of Charles 1st took place. You would be fascinated by the elegant historical English architecture, as the place introduces neo-classical style with all its historical significance.

The Greenwich Place

Some of the most historically important structures of the city are located in the Greenwich Place, by virtue of it being a world heritage site to visit. You have a top-notch congregation of landscapes and buildings, which symbolize the art-deco architecture and English lifestyle spanning from 17th to 19th century. There are many institutional structures, a historical town centre and the Royal Park within the premises as well.

Temple Church

Located between Fleet Street and River Thames, the Temple Church in London dates back to late 12th century, and it was constructed by the efforts of the Knight Templar. Church is taken as the headquarter of the known band of the military monk. The spot has been famously renowned over the years, and this is why it’s recommended for history lovers out there. A huge part of this structure was damaged during the 2nd World War, and serious attempts have been made to restore the same.

History enthusiasts from all across the world flock to the city of London taking immense pleasure in its historical architecture and royal grandeur. The city holds the best of historical riches to tickle the fancy bone of an ardent history lover. The tradition has been preserved over centuries and continues to do so in the modern time scenario. If you are travelling in a group to any of these destinations, choose affordable coach hire for convenience. Not only will you save on travelling costs, but you can also travel together comfortably without bearing the burden of navigating your way through London’s roads.

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