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Fancy Paintballing On Your UK Trip? Think Delta Force!

Known to be the leading provider of paintball games in the entire United Kingdom, Delta Force is one class apart, when it comes to delivering the ultimate paintball adventures. Every year, almost half a million players soak up the ultimate paintballing experience with Delta Force Paintball. Operating throughout the calendar year, the state-of-the-art paintball centres are conveniently spread across the country, and you can easily access them by using our UK bus hire services. Let’s find out why you should visit Delta Force today!

Well Equipped with Latest Gear

Each paintball centre in the country bearing the name of Delta Force is well equipped with the latest paintball weapons and high-spec equipment to cater players of all levels. There are markers with propellant to fire the paint, a protective mask gear to protect the face and eyes, and paintballs along with a loader to grip them. Depending on your type of play, additional equipment may include gloves or pods carrier containing paintballs. Padding and armour is also there to alleviate the impact of paintballs.

The high-tech mask completely covers nostrils, ears, mouth and eyes, with lenses designed to protect against the speed of paintballs. Enough safety measures are taken to ensure that everything is carried out with an objective to provide you a fun-filled day of paintball games.

Themed Game Zones

One of the key factors that highlight the popularity of Delta Force is the fact that they house different themed paintball game zones, based on the concept of Hollywood movies packed with jet planes, ex-forces helicopters, cannon sand, real military tanks and more.  There are as many as 33 paintball venues across the United Kingdom, with a myriad of games to choose from. With so much to explore, you are certainly not going to get enough of Delta Force anytime soon.

Experienced Campaigners

Delta Force has been in the mix for years hosting a wide array of paintball groups and events such as birthday parties, corporate meets, hen parties and stag do’s. They know exactly how to make an event worthwhile, and with years of experience behind them, you can rely on the Delta Force Paintball to deliver something special for you and your group. Each of the centres is dedicated to provide the highest standards of paintballing fun and safety.

In a Nutshell, Why Should You Play at Delta Force Paintball?

  • For those of you who are unaware of the fact, the Delta Force Paintball has been a long-time favourite for popular celebrities, including the likes of Gordon Ramsay, Wayne Rooney and Lewis Hamilton. So the moment you enter this place, you are going to get that VIP feeling, as they treat everyone on equal measures.
  • This award-winning paintball centre hits the chart high on popular activities in UK as recommended by entities like TripAdvisor. Your trip to UK is incomplete without paintballing at the Delta Force.
  • There are huge differences in the quality of paintball centres in UK, and in order to sort out the best, the United Kingdom Paintball Association has issued 5 star ratings to the best centres in Scotland, Wales and England. Delta Force is one of the first choices here with a certain wow factor offering the highest paintballing standards, with fantastic onsite facilities. The word of mouth says it all!
  • At Delta Force, you will find some of the most exciting and innovative game zones in the paintball industry, filled with propellants from blockbusters, artillery, jet planes, helicopters, military tanks and every possible ammunition you can think of. This is the biggest reason why people never get bored of playing paintball games at this venue.
  • In comparison to other paintball centres in UK, Delta Force extends the most competitive gaming prices in the industry.  Right from the entry fee to the myriad of games, it offers reasonable charges for group deals like hen parties, stag do’s, corporate meets and birthday parties.

Above all, the best part about Delta Force is their marshalling troupe of staff members who will guide you briefly throughout the day’s event, and help you with useful tricks to master the game. Everything is monitored in a safe environment to ensure a day full of laughter and adventure. This experience is truly worth every penny spent!

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