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Day Trip Ideas In Europe For Budget Travelers

Many of Europe’s best destinations are places which are unassuming. While most are familiar with major cities such as Venice, London, Paris or Vienna, the continent offers far more for those who planning a day trip through London coach hire. Below is a list of charming day trip ideas which will give you a distinct European experience which is below the radar.


This city was founded in ancient times and features numerous Roman ruins. Incredibly, its main industries today are the same which has sustained it for the last two millennia, which are fishing, leisure and production of wine. Although it is a part of Croatia, Pula is in close proximity to Venice, and is accessible by seasonal ferries which operate between April and October, and which will allow you to cross the Adriatic within a few hours. The seafood here is both fresh and delicious.


Vaduz is located in Liechtenstein, an alpine nation with a fascinating history, small population, and strong monarchy. The city can be reached from Zurich in roughly 90 minutes, and is famous for its hiking trails, especially the Gruschaweg, which provides stunning mountain scenery. The whiskey and wine served here is also top shelf, as is the dining and lodging.


This medieval city can be found in Belgium and is distinct for its cobblestone roads and canals. It is the perfect destination for those who are looking to avoid tourist traps and is considered by many to be one of Europe’s best kept secrets. Best of all, it can be reached quickly from London and has some amazing hotels which are reasonably priced with friendly staff. Visitors won’t want to leave without ascending up the Belfry and enjoying the local Belgian waffles.


Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, and is perhaps best known for its wineries and vineyards. Slovak wine is starting to catch on, and the beer here is pretty good as well. Plus, unlike other European countries, dining here is very affordable, and you’ll get to enjoy classical Slovak dishes.  The most prominent architectural structure is none other than Bratislava Castle, which dominates the skyline.


Lausanne is a magnificent Swiss city that hasn’t received the same attention as Geneva and Zurich, but it doesn’t need it. It is situated near the shores of Geneva Lake and has received acclaim for its food, wine, and scenery. It is the most prominent French speaking area within Switzerland, and offers an environment which perfectly complements nearby Bern, which has a strong Germanic culture. During your stay here you can sail on Lake Geneva and dine at Michelin rated restaurants.


When most people think of France, they think Paris, but for those who are looking for a destination that is off the beaten track, Biarritz is the better choice. Located near the French/Spanish border, this town has a vibrant nightlife with lots of glamour and glitz. It is situated by the sea, which means lots of surfing and other water sports, and unlike many French cities it offers affordable luxury.


Tarifa is part of Cadiz Province, and offers some of Spain’s most beautiful beaches. The area is accessible by ferry and there are 300 year old apartments in the city where you can lodge. The Strait of Gibraltar is nearby which offers an ideal wind sports climate and the restaurants here are famous for their grilled steaks and meats which are served in a traditional Spanish style. Surfing lessons are available at the beach nearby.


Ghent is perhaps Belgium’s most well balanced city. On the one hand it is small enough to still be obscure, while still being large enough for both visitors and residents to enjoy an atmosphere which is quiet and relaxed yet still entertaining. This is partly due to the local university and its students. You can visit the Fine Arts Museum, where you will learn about the European artistic history and the contributions Belgians made to it, or you can head to downtown Ghent where you can tour the bars and hang out with university students. When it comes to dining Ghent is popular for its frites and steaks. For those who want an even livelier atmosphere, Amsterdam is nearby.

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