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7 London Events Happening In November 2016

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London is a bustling melting pot of culture and has long known to be one of the most captivating capitals in the world. Every year, there are thousands of events planned to take place in London. However, the logistics of attending events can be difficult for both tourists and locals. If you are a tourist, you can still attend November events easily without having to deal with the confusing maps and GPS apps. Cheap coach hire is an affordable way to solve these problems. Let’s take a look at the events slated to happen in November:

Deny, Deny, Deny

This is a play staged at the Park Theatre, and set in the year 2026. The play demonstrates the difficulties that most athletes go through in order to be champions. The main character is Eve, a young athlete who is given suspicious therapy by her coach. The therapy is said to make her the fastest woman in the world. The whole story revolves around the safety, legality and ethics of such actions which are common today. Journalist Jonathan Maitland, a former journalist, spent 2 years researching this issue and the results help to form the basis of the play. The play runs from 2nd to 3rd November at Park Theatre.

The Selena Gomez Tour

Selena Gomez has become one of the most popular musicians in the world, particularly among teens and young adults. The multiple-platinum selling musician will be performing at the 02 Arena in Peninsula Square. The celebrity status of this artiste means that demand to go for the show will be high, so ticket sales will be high as well. If you are her fan, you should get the tickets as soon as possible. The show takes place on 4th November.

Bonfire Night

Slated for 5th November, the Bonfire Night is an event to celebrate Guy Fawkes. It is said that the latter had tried to bomb the Parliament with pyrotechnics, but didn’t quite make it. This activity was spurred by the realization that the current government had been unfair to its people. Many events commemorating Guy Fawkes are known to use unusual fireworks, and Bonfire Night also uses some of the most remarkable fireworks to commemorate the event. Funfairs, firework displays, processions and other festivities are also planned.

Maps and the 20th century

If you are a history buff and generally like finding out how things work, this exhibition is for you. Slated for 4th November to 1st March 2017, this exhibition shows how map making technologies have evolved over the past 100 years. It also demonstrates the importance of maps when planning for events such as the Moon landing and in wars.

Saving Jason

If you are more interested in plays that are more light-hearted, Saving Jason should be in your bucket list. This comedy explores the shenanigans of a dysfunctional family while they attempt to change the behaviour of their teenage son who has just become rebellious. As the play progresses, it descends into chaos, to the point where other family’s members’ secrets are exposed.

The Regent Street Motor Show

This free car show is an ideal way for car lovers to spend their day. Slated for 5th November, the entire Regent Street will have traffic closed during the event. There will be more than 300 cars on display. These will include vintage cars and the most recent models.

The London Triathlon

The London Triathlon has humble beginnings, and is now one of the biggest events of this type. It is slated to happen on the 6th and 7th November, where more than 13,000 entrants participate in a race that combines running, cycling and swimming. This is a very demanding competition, and most fail to finish it. However, there are different levels for different people, such as shorter courses and less rigorous swimming for those who are not used to competition cycling and swimming. The aim of the event is to raise money for charity, and tends to attract tourists, celebrities and other sporting figures.

These are just some of the events that are going to happen in November in London. You should book London coach hire when you are attending these events in a group. It will make your transportation a breeze to handle!

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