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7 London Events Happening In March 2018

London is not only home to a fantastic array of sights, but events as well. Those events are happening all year round and they will definitely keep you entertained. Whether you are a Londoner or a first-time visitor to the capital, you can be sure to discover many different events in London. Here is a quick look at the line-up of events that are happening in March. Be sure to book coach hire in London for a convenient commute to any of these event locations.

Mother’s Day in London

Be sure to check out this event with your mother. This Mother’s Day event is the perfect time to show your mom again how much she means to you. You will be able to treat her to something spectacular here. Happening on 11th March 2018, you can treat your mom like a queen by dining at one of London’s best restaurants, having a plush afternoon tea, appreciate art at an exhibition, and more.

Orchid Festival

The Orchid Festival will be held on 11th March. This is the 23rd year where Kew Gardens celebrate the orchid returns. This time round, the focus will be placed on Thailand’s plant life. You can expect to find a tropical greenhouse that boasts a wide range of colourful species. Some of the event’s main highlights include an impressive Bang Pa-In inspired orchid palace, handcrafted floating Thai umbrellas, hanging orchid bouquets, and more.

St Patrick’s Day in London

Do you want to experience the party atmosphere of St Patrick’s Day without having to travel to Ireland? The answer can be found in London. In March, there’s plenty going on right here in the capital. St Patrick’s Day in London features a parade, fast-paced dancing, and rowdy singalongs. The Irish here sure know how to party and celebrate.

This is your chance to hit the streets and find out the true meaning of ‘craic.’ If you are visiting London with your little ones, you can rest assured that there’s plenty of things to do with the kids. You can go on a Irish walking tour, check out a film festival, and attend an Irish art exhibition. Oh, and don’t forget to fill up on some traditional grub found at the Irish Street Food Market! Celebrations will be happening from 16th to 18th March.

National Theatre Posters

In March, there will be a new exhibition held at the National Theatre’s Wolfson gallery. Curated by Rick Poynor, the exhibition showcases poster designs from the ’60s to the present day. You will be able to check the original works of Ollie Winser, Charlotte Wilkinson, Michael Mayhew, Ken Briggs, and more. If you have time to spare, this is the perfect opportunity for you to trace the changes in function, design, and process over the past five decades.

Illuminating India

On 31st March, the Science Museum will be celebrating the global influence of India’s thought, culture, and science. The event is called Illuminating India, and it will be joined by Danny Boyle with a Q&A session. After that, Slum Dog Millionaire will be showcased via a special screening. Did you always wanted to know how tea products were blended? Be sure to check out the tea blending workshops that will be hosted by the Bluebird Tea Company. Next, Sadhguru, who is one of country’s 50 most influential people, will conduct a talk on India’s innovation, tech, and science industries.

The Moroccan Medina

The winter, the Queen of Hoxton’s rooftop is intriguingly pleasant. Using inspirations from Marrakech’s Majorelle Gardens, a spot at the Shoreditch skyline has been improved with fire pits, pretty lanterns, fairy lights, and giant cacti. Book ahead so that you can enjoy pulling up a pouf inside the wigwam snug, enjoy some piping hot espresso martinis, and warming yourself up with Casablancan mint tea fused with gin.

Easter 2018

Before March ends, do not forget to celebrate the Easter holidays with the whole family in London. At Trafalgar Square, there will be a spectacular, full-scale performance called The Passion of Jesus. The entertaining performance features 100 performers. If you happen to be at Southbank Centre’s annual festival, you will get to check out more action-packed activities, including skateboarding, parkour, popping and locking, and more.

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