Top European Music Festivals To Attend

Europe is known for offering visitors with great memories during a European holiday. There is simply one captivating view around each country within this continent that every tourist will remember. Aside from the different sights to behold, Europe also prides itself of the various music festivals perfect for tourists and locals alike. Wonder which of […]

7 London Events Happening In October 2018

Exploring London this October 2018? Do you want to know more about what is in store for you when you get to visit this majestic capital city of England? The good news is you can feast on its good food, celebrate its culture, and be captivated with its sites with the different events happening this […]

Why Should You Visit The UK During The End Of The Year?

“Won’t it be cold?” A common thought that runs through the minds of holiday-goers who plan to visit the UK during the end of the year. Well, autumn is a lovely time of year to visit this country. The weather is mild and enjoyable. For winter, temperatures can range from 2° to 6°C. As long […]

Top European Attractions For Big Travel Groups

What is the best part about group vacations in Europe? Well, you have plenty of holiday destinations jam-packed into one corner of the world. Whether you want to experience the liveliness of London, or sample some delectable pastries in Paris, Europe has got you covered with some of the top attractions. Choose cheap coach hire […]

Day Trip Ideas For Seniors In Europe

Europe is truly one of the most beautiful and magical parts of the world. You have the unforgettable beaches of the Mediterranean, old world beauty of Paris and the stately grandeur of London. Elderly travellers may find it appealing to travel any time of the year, with some cultural highlights and destinations on offer. Not […]

7 London Events Happening In September 2018

Looking for exciting things to fill your ears and eyes in London this September 2018? Here’s your guide to the very best events and activities on offer. From food festivals to arts exhibitions, the capital city has something for people from all walks of life. Choose coach hire in London to attend these events. Totally […]

Day Trip Ideas in London

London is a bustling and vibrant metropolis that is considered by many to be one of the most important capitals in Europe. Founded by the Romans during antiquity, it is strategically located in an area which is accessible by multiple roads, which makes it easy to traverse via London coach hire. Check out some great […]

Top European Attractions For Art Lovers

European artwork has played a pivotal role in the development of Western culture, with the continent being home to hundreds of museums. From classical Renaissance paintings to more contemporary styles and everything in between below are the top destinations for art lovers traveling with Europe coach hire. Museu Frederic Mares Located in Barcelona, visitors will […]

Top UK Theme Parks To Visit

The UK is without a doubt one of Europe’s most exciting destinations. This is evident in the wide variety of theme parks, where visitors can enjoy thrilling rides, fun games and music. From rollercoasters which will raise your hair and give you an adrenaline rush, to up close encounters with dinosaurs, UK theme parks are […]

7 London Events Happening in August 2018

August is a fantastic month to be in London, due to the upcoming entertainment and cultural events. You can enjoy alfresco at the rooftop restaurants or drink a great tasting cocktail with friends at one of the exclusive bars. Whether you enjoy festivals or carnivals, you will find lots to do, so be sure to […]