The Biggest 2018 Music Festivals Happening In The UK

Music festivals in UK are popular across the globe for the level of creativity they put into capturing the very essence of stage performances. With one of the most saturated festival markets in the world, you will be literally spoilt for choice. Here are some of the biggest musical festivals you can attend in 2018, […]

7 London Events Happening In December 2017

It’s time to wrap yourself up in the overcoats, as the winter has arrived with the onset of festive season in London. The skies will sparkle with lights and the city will indulge in cheerful celebrations, with a host of events lined up for December 2017. Check out some of the most exciting ones, and […]

7 London Events Happening In November 2017

With world famous attractions dating back to the Roman era and being home to some of the greatest personalities in the world, the city of London attracts people from all corners of the planet. If you are planning to visit the city this November 2017, don’t forget to book London coach hire to attend these […]

7 London Events Happening In October 2017

The historic city of London is popularly renowned for its people, culture and lifestyle. Thousands of tourists from all across the world visit this city to appreciate its rich history and heritage. If you are flying in here this October, try to attend these interesting events. Simply book coach hire if you have a larger […]

7 London Events Happening In September 2017

No other city in the world can exude the modishness and elegance of London. It has a different charm of its own, with great people and their lifestyles. If you are on a holiday to London this September 2017, don’t forget to attend these events by booking for London coach hire. Mail Rail On the […]

7 London Events Happening In August 2017

Strike off any plans you had for August, unless they involve these brilliant London festivals and events lined up below! There is plenty to keep you entertained in the happening city of London this summer. Don’t forget to choose coach hire services for a comfortable ride to these event venues! 51st State Festival Specialising in […]

7 London Events Happening In July 2017

London is one of the most eventful cities in the world, with events lined up throughout the calendar year. Here are a few key events coming up in July 2017. Use London coach hire to attend these events without any hassles, so that you can catch as many events during your stay in London! Chorus […]

7 London Events Happening In June 2017

London is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, attracting more than 15 million visitors every year, thanks to its vibrant culture and eclectic lifestyle. If you are planning a visit to this wonderful city in the month of June, use coach hire in London to help you attend these June events. […]

7 London Events Happening In May 2017

When summer hits the city of London, it is hard to resist from going out and soaking up the ambiance that the city has to offer. Whether it is a cultural event or a food festival that you are seeking, London has you covered with an extensive line-up of events coming up in May. Don’t […]

7 London Events Happening In March 2017

Attend These March Events With The Help Of London Coach Hire! March is the month when we leave behind the winter in London, and welcome the spring season as well as clear days and cool evenings. Take this opportunity to recover from the cold weather by choosing coach hire in London for a comfortable commute […]